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Whether staging your home for sale, renovating for the future, or just upgrading your family’s living space, we guarantee unique designs and white glove service from concept to completion!



Since 1986, our company has successfully staged and helped to sell over 3,000 properties throughout Fairfield County and the surrounding areas!

All of our projects are completely customized, regardless of house price. From condos to castles, our team embraces every property. We approach each project with care, drive, and excitement to elevate your space! Staging fees are all-inclusive: all necessary furnishings, services, and fees in a single number that we stick to from start to finish.

The staging process typically takes 3-4 days. We schedule, start and finish on time, every time.


Our all-inclusive plan for move-in ready designs provides everything needed to fully furnish and accessorize an entire home -- or just one room! We have infinite resources for custom furnishing plans, utilizing readily-available furnishings and blending with existing pieces you may already have and love.

Our team of artisans will create window treatments and upholstery, source and select accessories, lighting, paint, wallpaper, and much more. Every project generally requires some degree of construction, from changing light fixtures, cabinet hardware, refinishing floors, and more.

Whatever you need, our team can provide!



As licensed home improvement contractors, our team can tackle every aspect of your project. From obtaining necessary permits to all construction plans, sourcing, selections, plumbing, electrical, and everything needed to complete your renovation.

Our renovation specialists will guarantee that your space is both structurally sound and fully functional.

We close each renovation project by obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy for your property!

Renovation fees vary from project to project depending on the scope of work required.


When you list your property, you will receive our exclusive service package:

  • Complimentary full-service design plan to maximize the value of your home

  • Furniture sales & home repairs/services arranged on your behalf

Our white-glove design services include access to our exclusive list of vending partners for furniture, lighting, wallpaper, and more! We guarantee uniquely-tailored designs that will dazzle buyers and increase your property’s selling price!



" Debra Grant and her team always go the extra mile, and deliver a level of service above and beyond anything I've seen in my 30+ years in real estate - whether they are helping clients prepare and sell homes of any price range for market (from most modest to multi-million) or whether they are working to design and decorate clients' newly-acquired places (literally, condos to castles). You can count on them to deliver the full compliment every time..."

Joni Usdan

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