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Show to Sell Homes – Design Services

Explanation of Design Services

Hourly Rate

Debra and Susan work primarily on an hourly basis. The rate is $150 per hour plus $75 per hour for drive time when going to a project outside of Westport, Fairfield, Wilton, Norwalk and Weston or when driving to showrooms.


Show to Sell Homes bills once a month, at the end of the month. On occasion these bills are a little late. If there is only an hour being billed and more in next billing period will wait and bill once.

Initial Meeting

Appointments available at a cost of $250 for an approximate 1-1 ½ hour visit to your job. Schedule appointments at (203)-221-0228.

The Agreement

After the initial meeting, a proposal is created. The proposal describes the services being requested and details the payments required, etc. Upon signature and received deposit, we can get started.

Typically the proposal includes a ballpark range for the design fee for the project. That estimate is based on experience with past projects. However, all projects are unique and therefore please realize that decision making, trust, the need to see many options, etc., all affect the length of the design portion of a job thereby affecting the fee. While Debra and Susan will go to great lengths to assure your happy with the design, time spent on continuous revisions and reselections must be billed.

Average Cost of Designs—Based on Past Projects

  • Bathroom remodel design: $3,000 – $4,000
  • Kitchen remodel design: $4,000 – $5,000
  • One room full of furnishings, with items such as furniture, window treatments, custom bedding, rugs, etc. run approximately $5,000 – $6,000 for a design fee with a turnkey service. Products are priced out to purchase through our office, with installation and completion managed by Show to Sell. Multiple rooms done with a fee slightly less per room.
  • Additional time spent on quotes for actual pieces or treatments are billed per hour.
  • Minimum project design fee is $3,000, no matter how small the job. Most of our project design fees average $5,000 or more.

Site visits are are generally scheduled once a week at no additional charge. If more site visits are necessary they will be billed at $150 per hour. Show to Sell Homes strongly encourages clients to keep us involved this way, as it is the best way to ensure the integrity of the design is achieved.

It’s very difficult to put flat fees on projects since they are all different. That’s why most designers, Show to Sell Homes included, charge hourly. The above costs are simply a guide based on experience with other projects.

Estimates of fees typically include the initial meeting with programming and two or three additional meetings or shopping as required for the project. If there is a strict deadline or immediate launch of a project is required, an additional fee is assessed. The beauty of charging by the hour is that if you want more, we can give you more without having to write up a new proposal. Show to Sell Homes does not proceed with a design unless directed by clients to address new areas.

Purchasing through Show to Sell Homes

Show to Sell Homes will put quotes together for any purchases clients wish to make. Show to Sell Homes does charge for that time. However, once you place your order there won’t be any more time billed for that purchase. For example, if Show to Sell Homes is doing custom window treatments in your home, once you’ve paid, the time spent tracking and coordinating everything in relation to those window treatments is covered in the cost.

How we Stay Connected

E-mail and texting are preferred over phone calls, due to the fact Debra and Susan are often on the move, whether on job sites or in meetings. Nevertheless, we are happy to discuss any concerns over the phone. Our office is available for meetings upon scheduling and for drop offs at anytime in the white letterbox. You will receive our contact information when you sign your contract. Debra is pretty much available anytime except Sundays, but if it’s after hours, contact via email or text if it’s urgent. We believe that if problems do arise, they are best handled quickly. Weekend meetings can be scheduled by appointment. Late afternoon meetings are available during the week no later than 5:00 p.m with a one hour limit.

Please note that the staff of Show to Sell Homes have been hand-picked and trained. They handle much of the day to day and production aspects of the job. Debra and Susan are the project designers, so all design choices, selections and decisions are finalized by us. Others may help with many things throughout the process, from management to errands and much of your interaction will come through them. However, I am well aware of what’s going on with your project at all times.

We hope that this takes some of the fear of the unknown out of working with a designer. Its here for your information so that you can be better informed when we start.

We look forward to working with you!

Debra & Susan