Services: 5 Different Approaches

Home Manager

Unless a buyer has an extraordinary imagination, nothing is less inviting than a vacant home. Our premier Home Manager service pairs a vacant home with meticulous occupants with great furnishings who are looking for a temporary place to live or who want to experience an area before they move there.

We create and implement a Show to Sell design and give them specific directions on the upkeep and care of the home. All at no cost to the seller. The result is a picture perfect house that feels lived-in, luxurious and inviting.

Home Staging

This is our more traditional home staging service. It basically takes a vacant home and with the help of our designers, team and private inventory of furnishings object d’art and accessories; we transform it into a show home with a “move right in” feel.

Homeowner Occupied Staging

Let’s face it; most of us can’t see our homes objectively. And even if we have “the eye” we probably aren’t as savvy as a professional who designs homes to sell for a living. The Show to Sell Homeowner-Occupied-Staging program is for those who will be living in their home during the selling process.


What we do is redesign your home choosing color scheme, and pieces from your home and our private inventory to create a showplace you never imagined. Show to Sell Homeowner Occupied Staging will probably be the best investment you could make toward selling your home.

DIY Show to Sell

“Do It Yourself” Show to Sell is our newest feature and most cost effective. It lets you take advantage of all our knowledge and expertise but you execute it. It includes an in-depth two-hour consultation where we get to know your home and discuss color schemes and designs.


You then receive a book that delves even deeper and organizes all the information for you so it’s easy to follow. When the project is done, we return for a final consultation.

Props For A Day - Photo Shoot Styling

“A picture tells a thousand words.”

The photos you take to show your home is the most important selling tool you have. This is the time it must shine, be immaculate, to tell a story so it pops right off the page and becomes “a must see”.

Our experienced designers will go through each room you’ve chosen for that Show to Sell advantage, and de-clutter, rearrange and “ fluff” the spaces you’ve chosen. We’ll customize accent colors to work with your existing décor.

Then we’ll then choose accessories from our inventory such as (but not limited to) pillows, lamps, fresh flowers, potted plants, bowls of fruit, and artwork to “set the stage” and breathe life into your home. Our stylist will remain on site to assist throughout the shoot.

Once the photos are complete, we will remove prop and return space to their pre–shoot condition. For more specifics and pricing details we welcome you to contact us at any time!

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