Charming Home, Loved and Lived in for 42 Years

Project Description

They called, we staged, it sold!


We met with the homeowners of this charming home that had been theirs for 42 years. While very loved and lived in it was in need of some sprucing up after the last set of tenants had vacated.


We suggested some wallpaper removal and painting,removing heavily soiled carpets,replacing a dining chandelier and removing a half wall that had separated the living space from the dining space.


The homeowners really got this thing we in the industry call “staging” or preparing your home for the real estate market.


The followed our suggestions and completed the outlined updates.


We staged the living and dining space and created an office/family room from what was an otherwise unused area.


The savvy agent took photos and held an open house immediately after we were done, in fact we completed the staging on Wednesday at noon and the photographer was there at 1pm! Close call.


We are so happy to report that a full price offer was accepted within the first week, inspections done and a closing date set.


Proven results that staging really works.



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