1949 Mid Century Modern House

Project Description

First impression of this bright orange trimmed house was how do we create a setting that appeals to today’s buyer? This project would need creativity and a team passionate about their work. Show to sell Homes was immediately on-board.

To further complicate this project, we were asked to vet and place one of our home managers into this property. The owners had already purchased another mid-century house in NC and did not want to leave this property unoccupied.

Their very seasoned listing agent had worked with us for over two decades and was very familiar with our highly successful program where we place families to live in vacant for sale homes until they sell.

However, this was a very special style home and needed simple yet functional furnishings. No clutter allowed!

So our team worked hard and fast and was able to contract with a lovely husband and wife (empty nesters) who had just sold their home. Along with some of their furnishings and select pieces from Show To Sell Homes private collection, we turned out a cool, modern and period style home.

Broker, homeowner and Show to Sell Homes are all delighted with the finished project. Even our photographer is in love with this house!!

Let us know your opinion and please bring your buyers who want something different.

This is what makes us happy! Enjoy the before and afters.



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