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In this increasingly competitive age of real estate, everyone needs an edge. Oftentimes, an empty, lifeless house can hardly lure in potential buyers—let alone convince them to move right on in—whereas a fully furnished home can be the difference between For Sale and Sold.


Even as a child, Debra’s passion was design. She got to realize that passion by creating Show to Sell Homes twenty years ago. As the owner of Show To Sell Homes she has decorated and staged over 2500 homes in Fairfield County, won awards and has many return customers. Deb’s own home has been featured in national television commercials, local newspapers, and several design brochures. Much of her inspiration has come from world travel and interest in design from around the world. Dozens of destinations from all over Europe to Africa and constant interest and curiosity has left her open to new solutions, incorporating them in her designs from function to beauty. Perhaps that’s why she’s always been just a bit a head of her time and appeal to others with similar vision.

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Staged Over 2500 Homes

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Debra Grant

Debra Grant

Debra has a unique way of not just bringing out the best in your home, but bringing out the best in her clients. Her mission is to stay true to her innovative business solution and seek novel yet reliable and relatable approaches to working with clients and keeping their confidence and comfort high in the Show to Sell name. Perhaps her personal warmth and approachability come from her previous career in nursing. She holds a nursing license and Master’s degrees in both Nursing and Management from Sacred Heart University, working in such diverse fields as neonatal care, adult health education, and nurse management. She has also been a licensed Realtor for the past fifteen years. Her two seemingly disparate fields: nursing and home design are united by the precision and passion they require, both of which are qualities Debra brings to Show To Sell Homes.

Susan Hendee
Vice President of Design Services

Susan Hendee

Susan and Debra have worked together for 30 years. Previous to that, Susan was a partner in her own design business “Interiors”. She is a design expert with a B.A. in Textile Chemistry from the University of Michigan. Her work has been featured in Country Living Magazine, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, and Home Magazine. Susan and Debra have shared their vision designing and staging over 2500 homes in the Fairfield County area. Among her many accomplishments is the total restoration of a famous 1920’s stately mansion in Westport, CT.



At Show To Sell, LLC, our mission is simple: for buyers to see a property at its absolute best. We accomplish this consistently through the coupling of our design expertise with innovative business approaches that make our services affordable.

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